About Us

Our Mission

There is nothing like the great outdoors and Star Powersports has been helping you hit the open road since 2012. Star Powersports understands the passion that East Tennesseans have for off road adventures and we take immense pride in helping you get there! If you are looking for an off-road ATV, UTV, GoKart or another off-road vehicle for the trails or open roads of East Tennessee, our staff will work to get you the right vehicle for your needs. At Star Powersports, we choose to sell select brands and models for their good track records, overall quality, and availability of warranty. Customer service is our top priority, and we strive to earn your repeat business. Our customers are our friends--we know that you need to go-the-extra mile in your off-road vehicle, Star Powersports is eager to go the extra mile for you! Our full-service shop is a large part of taking care of our customers. We don’t carry anything that we can’t easily get parts for. We service not only brands we stock, but all on-road & off-road vehicles. Star Powersports offers our customers a place to come for parts and skilled competent service. We are your one-stop shop for all your needs.   cforce500   starbar

About Our Owner

Michael Powers, Owner

"It's all about passion!" comments Michael Powers. "Getting out in the open air...the open road. It's exhilarating to help others be able to get out and ride...whether it's part of their daily work-life or recreation!" After spending 18-years in healthcare, primarily Emergency and Critical Care, Powers left one passion for another. He moved from Marietta, Georgia in 2000 to embrace a chance to combine his childhood love of dirt bikes with his goal of starting his own business. The result? Star Powersports, at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville, TN. Today, he serves as owner and day-to-day manager of  of Star Powersports. "I love getting to know the customer and finding that perfect match between what they want in an UTV, ATV, Dirt Bike, GoKart...anything that's going to add fun and productivity to their lives!" States Powers. With children of his own, Michael is focused on safety. Just as he was taught to respect the dirt bikes he rode as a kid, he is educating his children how to operate off-road vehicles safely. If you reside in East Tennessee, visit Michael Powers and the staff at Star Powersports. "Your Off-Road Headquarters for Fun," comments Powers, "is far more than a tagline. It's something we're passionate about at Star Powersports."

Favorite off-road vehicle:

The compact but powerful Odes UTV, which can easily transition between sport and work. starbar