ATV’s Add Fun and Memories to the Great Outdoors in Knoxville TN


They were originally known as ‘quads’; then, ‘4-wheelers’. Now, best known as ATV’s, these off-road sources of fun have provided a ton of great memories for us over the years.

I remember the first time I climbed on an ATV. My cousin, Anthony, had just got a 4-wheeler. I can’t even remember what brand he had, much less the model, but I certainly remember the feeling of sitting on that bad boy. Suddenly, anything was possible. I was eleven years old and felt this amazing sense of freedom that not only spoke to me, but shouted. We rode about everywhere. Whether it was an open field or a lightly infested woods, this ATV was our ticket. Our youthful tails went wherever we wanted…within the scope of property boundaries, of course…usually! That was all part of the freedom. It was part of the fun.

With that in mind, when we ventured upon, what I would then have described as an anaconda, that we found wrapped around a big oak tree. In reality, it was probably more accurately described as a six-foot black snake, but still–that off-road ride meant adventure. It also reinforced the term freedom as we high-tailed ourselves away from the anaconda. I guess that’s really the beauty of these all-terrain vehicles. Call ’em quads…call ’em 4-wheelers…call ’em ATV’s. What they mean is off-road fun; and the open road on an ATV that you trust means everything. To my eleven year old self, it meant freedom, fun and a story to tell. Just ask any legendary anaconda in a Knoxville TN woods near you.

It’s true. Today, just like in the 80’s, ATV’s are really about fun. Sure, as we get older, now ATV’s and UTV’s help with farm chores, so yeah…they’re technically used for ‘work’, but climbing on one of these machines will always take me back to that woods and my first four-wheeling adventure with my cousin. If you’re interested in creating your own memories in East Tennessee, call Star Powersports today. From Knox County and Blount County to Roane and Monroe, East Tennessee is full of adventure. Just give us a call to start yours today! Call 865.851.8688, or email us by clicking here: EMAIL STAR!

Linhai BigHorn 400SE Call Star Powersports today for more info on the ATV in Knoxville TN

Linhai BigHorn 400SE Call Star Powersports today for more info on the ATV in Knoxville TN

Linhai big horn 400SE

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