From Off-Road Freedom to Saluting America’s Freedom Fighters…Star Powersports Offers a Salute to the Red, White and Blue in East Tennessee

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Call 865.851.8688 Today!


In April, Star Powersports initiated an event to benefit veterans. Known as, Star Powersports’ Salute to the Red, White and Blue, the event offered discounts to veterans on the purchase of a CFMoto ATV or UTV while also offering civilians an opportunity to help those who served our country. Civilians who purchased a CFMoto ATV or UTV during the event would receive a discount, and Star Powersports would make a donation to America’s Red, White and Blue—a non-profit agency that serves veterans in East Tennessee.
The special offer was initially slated for April 21st thru 23rd, but was extended to the last week of April.

WNML’s SportsTalk broadcasted live to kick off the event on April 21st. The Chow House provided free barbecue and ETMA FCU (East Tennessee Military Association Federal Credit Union) was on hand to provide financing. “It’s always great to be able to do something for those who have sacrificed so much to preserve our personal freedom.” Michael Powers, Owner of Star Powersports.

Star Powersports provides opportunities for East Tennesseans to experience the fun and freedom of the open road in a wide arrange of off-road vehicles. This includes ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes, GoKarts and more. Star Powersports also offers parts and service for a variety of off-road vehicles.

The company is located at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville, Tennessee 37920. Email:; Phone: 865.851.8688.

Thanks to all of those who joined in Star Powersports' Salute to our nation's veterans.

Thanks to all of those who joined in Star Powersports’ Salute to our nation’s veterans.

off-road events Knoxville TN

Let us help ensure that you enjoy your ride!

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Having Fun Enjoying the Ride
There is really nothing more exciting than going off-road. You can enjoy the outdoors, going fishing or hunting, or just for a ride down a back trail on your ATV/UTV, motorcycle or more. Perhaps you just want to ride around in your go cart and escape life’s stress for a while. Whatever the reason behind your ride, you always want to ensure that you have the best possible brand of off-road vehicle and also have a reliable source to service it as well.

What Happens When You Break Down?
With all mechanical creatures, stuff happens. In other words, these creatures, at some point, will breakdown. Of course, this never happens according to schedule and few things are more frustrating than having your motorcycle, go-cart, ATV or UTV stop purring. If you are not mechanically inclined or do not know how to properly service your vehicle, you will want to entrust your baby to professionals who will take care of your investment. Star Powersports offers a full range of service, including service Harley Davidson service in Knoxville TN. Plus, Star Powersports will service Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s, Honda’s, and more!

One-Stop Shop
Star Powersports is a one stop shop where you can rest assured that everything you need or want in a powersports store, they have got you covered. From the newest top of the line, name brand items all the way down to setting up a service and maintenance schedule, the staff at Star Powersports is certified. That means the staff is highly trained in finding and fixing the issues your vehicle faces. Actually, the staff at Star prides themselves on years of knowledge and experience; always looking to help fellow riders get back on their vehicles as quickly as possible.
Offering superior customer cares service on a wide range of vehicles, including Harley Davidson Service in Knoxville TN – Star Powersports is the place! Call us today at 865.851.8688 and speak with Michael about your vehicle.

Find a Special Spot for Your Off-Road Vehicle in Roane County TN…Like Windrock Park in Oliver Springs

Oliver Springs. It’s a city that touches three counties. Oliver Springs is a perfect getaway nestled in Roane County, Monroe County and Anderson County in East Tennessee. Sure, Oliver Springs is known for its musical talent in the form of Tony winners and American Idol contestants. However, Oliver Springs is also a place to find some great off-road terrain. One special spot to take your off-road vehicle in East Tennessee is Windrock Park.

If you’re looking for a great spot for your next open road, off-road adventure, check out Windrock Park. This 72,000 acre, privately-owned off-road destination area, sees thousands of ATV and UTV adventure riders every year. It’s located just north of Oliver Springs and features more than 300 miles of trails at an elevation of 1,000 to 3,200 feet–from easy gravel roads to those extreme rock crawls. The Windrock Trails will accommodate about any vehicle, including: ATV, UTV, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, Jeeps, buggies and trucks. Plus, after a full day of riding, you’re welcome to camp there.

When it comes to keeping an eye on the open road, visit Star Powersports’ blog. We will give you the run-down on the numerous places to take your off-road vehicle in Roane County, Monroe County, Anderson, as well as Knoxville and Blount County TN. If you have had an adventure at Windrock Park or another off-road destination spot–let us know. Feel free to comment below or visit us at Star Powersports at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville TN; or call us at 865.851.8688.

Call 865.851.8688 Today!

Call 865.851.8688 Today!

0% Financing…$0 Down and 100% Fun on ODES in Knoxville TN in May

Star Powersports at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville TN 37920

Star Powersports at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville TN 37920


Open road…meet ODES. ODES meet open road and a great deal for you to take advantage of in May! Zero percent financing…Zero dollars down in May to help you get your adventure started right now! ODES has a great selection of off-road vehicles. Star Powersports is your off-road headquarters for fun and it all starts in May on your new ATV or UTV in East Tennessee. Whether you’re up for the ODES Assailant or the ODES Raider, getting your next ATV or UTV is easy at Star! Stop by today at 3103 Alcoa Highway or call 865.851.8688 .

0% Financing...No money May, 2016!!!

0% Financing…No money down…in May, 2016!!!

Save Big as Star Powersports Salutes the Red, White and Blue in East Tennessee

Star Powersports at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville TN 37920

Star Powersports at 3103 Alcoa Highway in Knoxville TN 37920


It’s the stretch run of Star Powersports’ Salute to the Red, White and Blue. Join us between now and April 30th–Veterans and current Military personnel save $200 off a new UTV or ATV! Civilians will save $100 off a new UTV or ATV with $100 donation made to America’s Red, White and Blue–a Knoxville-based non-profit dedicated to helping veterans.

ETMA FCU (East Tennessee Military Association Federal Credit Union) is available to help with financing. Stop by Star Powersports today or call us at 865.851.8688 with any questions!

CFMoto ZForce

ATV’s Add Fun and Memories to the Great Outdoors in Knoxville TN


They were originally known as ‘quads’; then, ‘4-wheelers’. Now, best known as ATV’s, these off-road sources of fun have provided a ton of great memories for us over the years.

I remember the first time I climbed on an ATV. My cousin, Anthony, had just got a 4-wheeler. I can’t even remember what brand he had, much less the model, but I certainly remember the feeling of sitting on that bad boy. Suddenly, anything was possible. I was eleven years old and felt this amazing sense of freedom that not only spoke to me, but shouted. We rode about everywhere. Whether it was an open field or a lightly infested woods, this ATV was our ticket. Our youthful tails went wherever we wanted…within the scope of property boundaries, of course…usually! That was all part of the freedom. It was part of the fun.

With that in mind, when we ventured upon, what I would then have described as an anaconda, that we found wrapped around a big oak tree. In reality, it was probably more accurately described as a six-foot black snake, but still–that off-road ride meant adventure. It also reinforced the term freedom as we high-tailed ourselves away from the anaconda. I guess that’s really the beauty of these all-terrain vehicles. Call ’em quads…call ’em 4-wheelers…call ’em ATV’s. What they mean is off-road fun; and the open road on an ATV that you trust means everything. To my eleven year old self, it meant freedom, fun and a story to tell. Just ask any legendary anaconda in a Knoxville TN woods near you.

It’s true. Today, just like in the 80’s, ATV’s are really about fun. Sure, as we get older, now ATV’s and UTV’s help with farm chores, so yeah…they’re technically used for ‘work’, but climbing on one of these machines will always take me back to that woods and my first four-wheeling adventure with my cousin. If you’re interested in creating your own memories in East Tennessee, call Star Powersports today. From Knox County and Blount County to Roane and Monroe, East Tennessee is full of adventure. Just give us a call to start yours today! Call 865.851.8688, or email us by clicking here: EMAIL STAR!

Linhai BigHorn 400SE Call Star Powersports today for more info on the ATV in Knoxville TN

Linhai BigHorn 400SE Call Star Powersports today for more info on the ATV in Knoxville TN

Linhai big horn 400SE

Star Powersports and CFMoto Celebrates Farmworld 2016

cfmoto logo

CFMoto kicks off Farmworld 2016

The winter is behind us; and, CFMoto farm riders everywhere are turning to planting season. Each year, CFMoto attends around fifty agricultural field days across the country with area dealers. This year wwas no different, kicking off with Farm World in Warragul, Victoria on Wednesday, April 6th. Widely recognized as Victoria’s largest regional agricultural event, Farm World is the perfect field day for CFMoto and Star Powersports to kick start the celebration of farmers everywhere, and the tremendous contribution they make to the world’s health and economy.

Ask about ordering your X400LE today!

Ask about ordering your X400LE today!

To help with the celebration, Star Powersports is offering great deals on CFMoto ATV’s in April. Stop by today to learn more about the utility, towing capacity and overall power that you will add to your daily chores. Your new ATV or UTV is available at your ATV dealer Knoxville TN , Star Powersports. The new X400LE is the next generation of mid-size ATV’s; and, it’s just a visit away at your East Tennessee area ATV dealer.

Star Powersports appreciates the farmers throughout East Tennessee, including those in Monroe County, Roane County, Blount County, Loudon County and more! We look forward to getting to know you and your needs better, so we can find the right ATV to make your farmwork goes smoother and as easy as it possibly can! Star Powersports celebrates Farmworld every day and we’re excited about working with area farmers for years to come.

Stop by today at our store on 3013 Alcoa Highway or call us at 865.851.8688!

Looking for off-road events in East Tennessee? Text ‘ star ‘ to 72727

Text ' star ' to 72727 for info on off-road events and exclusive offers from Star Powersports!

Text ‘ star ‘ to 72727 for info on off-road events and exclusive offers from Star Powersports!

Whether you ride in the Foothills of Blount County TN or off-road in Knoxville TN, there’s always a reason to hit the open road. If you’re looking for special off-road events in East Tennessee, just text ‘ star ‘ to 72727. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive offers from Star Powersports on service deals, discounts on accessories, exclusive sales promotions and more!

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Hit the off-road with your Linhai ATV from Star Powersports...your ATV dealer Knoxville TN

Hit the off-road with your Linhai UTV from Star Powersports…your UTV dealer Knoxville TN

When you’re a outdoorsman, you don’t need to look for reasons to hit the off-road with your UTV in East Tennessee. From the Smoky Mountains of Sevier County to the Foothills of Blount County, off-roading provides East Tennesseans with plenty of opportunities to hit the open road. Star Powersports is your UTV dealer Blount County TN, and we’re here to help! Here’s just a look at a few more reasons to take your Linhai on its next adventure!

Check out the Wildlife…

From deer to bald eagles, East Tennessee has plenty to see in the wildlife category. Your Linhai can  help you greet Mother Nature head on and in style. When you’re off-road, you want dependability. That’s especially true should you wander across some wildlife that you may not want to connect with…say a snake or bear! Linhai provides excellent technology and manufacturing expertise, so you know it’s a machine you can trust.

Get to those hard to reach sites…

Whether you’re in Monroe County TN or the less rural open roads in Knoxville TN, your Linhai will help you set your sights on those hard to reach sites! In East Tennessee, there are plenty to embrace. From the walking and hiking trails of Townsend in Blount County to mountains of Sevier County, natural beauty abounds in the Knoxville TN area. Linhai, benefitting from its close relationship with Yahama and several joint ventures in the manufacturing of motorcycles, motor scooters, engines and generators, is able to give you a versatile ride that will get you to those hard to reach…but well worth the effort, off-road adventure.

Find some peace and quiet…

There’s nothing like getting away from it all…with a buddy or on your own. Your Linhai can help you find that perfect spot to fish or just take a few moments to catch your breath from life’s hustle and bustle. Star Powersports, your Linhai dealer Blount County TN and your UTV dealer throughout East Tennessee, will help you takes steps toward getting your peace and quiet. There’s nothing like the quality behind these UTV’s. Linhai has been designing and manufacturing quality engines and vehicles for all types of use for nearly 60 years.

Have more questions about Linhai? Call Star Powersports today at 865.851.8688. Linhai benefits greatly from a close relationship with Yamaha, which includes several joint ventures in the manufacturing of motorcycles, motor scooters, engines and generators. These products are distributed worldwide under the Yamaha brand. This sharing of technology and manufacturing expertise has led Linhai to being recognized as the leading power sports manufacturer in China.

Further, Linhai was recently recognized with two of the highest awards given to manufacturers in China for Superior Quality and Manufacturing Excellence and Excellence in Productivity and Internal Business Respectability.

For more information, call Star Powersports today, or visit our Linhai store!


Introducing Linhai: Star Powersports Brand Profile

Linhai 300 ATV

At Star Powersports, we’re happy to offer our customers a number of vehicles from Linhai, a Chinese motorsports company.  Read on to learn more about this great brand, and check out a few of our favorite models, including specs and a videos, at the bottom of the post!

Since 1956, Linhai has been honing its expertise and experience in manufacturing small engines and machinery, making them the leader in high-quality yet affordable motorsports products that they are today. Linhai’s long history and their ongoing collaboration with Yamaha make them one of the most stable and consistent options in quality “off-brand” vehicles. After releasing their first ATV for the North American market in 2001, a predecessor of the current 300SE model, Linhai has gone on to make a name for themselves. They have partnered with Yamaha in engine manufacturing and are beginning to incorporate Delphi Multec fuel injection systems into new models to improve efficiency and performance, and to minimize environmental impact, in line with North American and European emissions standards.

Right now, Linhai offers ATVs, side-by-sides, and scooters, but they have plans for growth. Specifically, they’re focusing future product development on expanding their ATV line and developing motorcycles, power equipment, and electric power products, including zero-emission scooters, lawn care equipment, and more. In their own words, Linhai believes that “success will come from offering customers a great product, for a great price… products that do what they need to do, at a price most can afford.” Have fun, do more, save money, ride Linhai!

Here are a few of our favorites, but give us a call any time to inquire about the wide range of other Linhai products!

Linhai 400 Sport ATV










Linhai 400 Sport ATV – Linhai’s popular all-around 4×4 ATV is one of our favorites. It looks sports, with standard alloy wheels and aggressive mud-gear tires, cool two-tone seats, a digital info display and projector headlights. But its attractive appearance is just the beginning – the 400 Sport has a liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine, on-demand 4-wheel drive, and a full auto continuously-variable transmission (CVT) with reverse, as well as functional front and rear racks and trail-proven independent front and rear suspension.

Linhai Big Horn 28 Side-by-Side – With a 28 horsepower, liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine, selectable 4-wheel drive, and a continuously-variable transmission (CVT), the Linhai Big Horn 28 is a performance side-by-side that you can be proud of. You’ll appreciate its independent rear suspension and 4-wheel disk brakes when you’re tearing around on backcountry East Tennessee trails, and it has a practical side as well – on top of its selectable 4WD, the Big Horn 28’s heavy-duty dump box, trailer hitch, and 1400lbs of towing capacity make it a smart choice for work as well as play.

Do you own or have you ever ridden a Linhai? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

Check back here to learn more about our brands, our products and services, and local off-roading locations and opportunities. You can also connect with us on Facebook or contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!