Heyday Wake Boats

Master any wake sport with your very own Heyday Wake Boat. Built to create the perfect wake each and every time, you won’t need to spend extra money customizing a boat to get it to make the wake that you want. This makes the perfect wake, each and every time, from the start!

Our expert team can help you get the perfect model for you, your sport, and your family. So start enjoying your water sports more, today!

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WT-1SC Model

Star Powersports - Heydey Wake Boats - WT-1SC Model

Length Overall 19' 6"
Ballast 1,200 lbs
Capacity 9 Persons

Priced as low as $39,999

WT-2DC Model

Star Powersports - Heydey Wake Boats - WT-2DC Model

Length Overall 22' 6"
Ballast 1,800 lbs
Capacity 12 Persons

Priced as low as $51,499


Star Powersports - Heydey Wake Boats - WT-SURF Model

Length Overall 25' 1"
Ballast 2,800 lbs
Capacity 17 Persons

Priced as low as $57,999

Heyday Wake Boats - Star Powersports in Knoxville, TN

About Heydey Wake Boats

"We make our boats like we make our wakes: simply smarter. Our signature hull shape does all the work without expensive wake-shaping tabs or gates. And our intuitive designs are loaded with all the necessities.

The Heyday design was created by much of the same team that virtually invented the wake sports category almost two decades ago, including top wake hull engineer "Cotton" Welshan, a 30-year veteran of the watersports industry. The team recognized the flaws in what many of today's wake sports boats have become. Then they started over using a clean slate and reimagined what a wake sports boat could, and should, be.

By putting wake quality first, Heyday is proving that it’s possible to offer a combination of performance and value previously unheard of in wake sports. Our first commitment is to our riders. Because in the end, it’s all about wake, tunes, crew.

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Heydey Wake Boats History

"The Heyday brand was designed by the pioneers in this sport and represents the same kind of performance-minded value we deliver. I couldn’t imagine a better fit." ~ Company President, Keith Yunger

"The Heyday design was created by the very people who pioneered the wake sports category over a decade and a half ago. Heyday founder John Dorton, former CEO of MasterCraft, his son, Ben, a former national collegiate wakeboard champion, and the original design team behind some of the wake sports category’s most iconic models. The result is a hull design and value-minded final product that focuses on what’s important to the wake sports enthusiast—the wake…stripping away all the unnecessary, price-inflating gingerbread."

Quotes from Bayliner.

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